Address: 201 East Brooklyn Street
Architectural Style: Federal
Year Built:

c. 1845; c. 1920

Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The home was once the residence of Reverend Ezra B. Kellogg, who kept a private school for boys in Gambier in the 19th century.  He also served as a rector for Harcourt Parish.  Kellogg lived in this house beginning in 1871, and his family retained ownership of the property in 1896.  The central entrance has heavy Classical Revival details very similar to what is found in the popular pattern books published by Robert Adams, including the large pediment supported by thin square pilasters.  The sidelights and transom window that surrounds the entrance are also typical of the Classical Revival Style.  The first-floor french windows on either side of the entrance are are a later addition of the early-20th century, replacing windows like those found on the other sides of the house.  The rear ell to the north is original to the structure, although a small extension was made to this section of the house sometime during the early-20th century.



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