Address: 107 Chase Avenue
Architectural Style: Georgian Revival
Year Built: 1941
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The Gambier post office was located in a series of small, privately owned commercial buildings along the Chase / Gaskin Avenue corridor during the 19th and 20th centuries.  In 1926, it was located in the Norton Banning Building on the northeast corner of Wiggin Street and Gaskin Avenue.  The decision to build a new post office for the Village of Gambier was made in 1941, at which time the current site was purchased with Louis Simon selected as the supervising architect during the construction.  The building may have been developed from a standard set of plans for small post offices that had been generated by architects working for the federal government.

The Colonial Revival style of the building is typical of mid-20th century government and civic buildings.  It was built with local materials, such as the sandstone block veneer facing, very likely taken from the same quarry used for many of the buildings on the Kenyon College campus.  The main entrance is defined by a set of four square pilasters supporting a plain entablature inscribed with "United States Post Office Gambier Ohio."  The entrance has a large transom with two large panes of glass, and is flanked by large square sash windows that rest on top of simple rectangular frieze panels.  The other windows in the building rest on thing plain sandstone sills, and are topped by segmental arches with slightly larger keystones.  The roof has a a square ventilation cupola in the center, which sports a simple weathervane.  An interesting feature is the stone faced chimney at the southwest corner of the building.

A mural was painted in the interior in 1943 that depicts Bishop Philander Chase, founder of Kenyon College.  Chase is shown riding horseback surveying the future site of Gambier, with a drawing of Old Kenyon.  This mural was done by Norris Rahming, who was most likely employed as a muralist in the fine arts employment program operated by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).



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