Address: West Side of Middle Path
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: 1829-1834; 1896
Architect/Builder: Charles Romanoff Prczriminsky
Original Owner: Kenyon College

Rosse Hall originally served as the College Chapel, and is the only Greek Revival building to be found on the Kenyon College campus, excluding fraternal lodges.  It was the second major building constructed at Kenyon, and was named in honor of Lady Rosse.  Construction of Rosse Hall began under Philander Chase, who envisioned a Gothic Revival design, as can be seen in the tall, narrow windows of the side elevation.  However, it was completed under direction of Bishop McIlvaine, who desired a Greek Revival design, as was growing in poularity for institutional architecture at this time.  Rosse Hall was the first official center of the Episcopal Church in Ohio, and the scene for conventions of the Diocese for many years.

This temple-like structure has a recessed central porch with two large Ionic columns in antis, and two end pilasters support the pediment and entablature.  The original structure was destroyed in 1896 after it was deconsecrated as a chapel, and was shortly after rebuilt in the same design.  It currently serves as a 600-seat auditorium and lecture hall.