Address: East Side of Middle Path
Architectural Style: Victorian Gothic
Year Built: 1869-1871

G. W. Lloyd (architect, Detroit)

William Fish (contractor)

Original Owner: Kenyon College

Church of the Holy Spirit was given to Kenyon College by the Ascension Church of New York to honor their former rector, Bishop Bedell.  In a journal of the time, the church was referred to as being "Old English" style, and contrasts with the classical Rosse Chapel.  One of the defining features of the Victorian Gothic church is its cruciform floor plan, with a large bell tower located in the western corner.  Buttress-like features exist on each exposed corner of the tower.  All elevations exhibit tall lancet windows, and each door is nestled beneath a pointed arch.  Rosary windows are present in each gable end.  The polychrome slate roof contrasts nicely with the natural sandstone blocks.  The interior is of particular interest, as it remains virtually intact with the original stained glass, chancel furniture, woodwork, and wall illuminations.