Address: College Drive
Architectural Style: Jacobethan Revival
Year Built: 1910-1914

Alfred Granger (architect)

William Earlywine (contractor)

Original Owner: Kenyon College

Cromwell Cottage was given to Kenyon College by William Nelson Cromwell.  It was built between 1910 and 1914 to serve as the official presidential residence and for receptions given by the school.  It continues to serve in this capacity.  The cottage was designed by 1887 Kenyon College graduate, Alfred Granger, who also designed Peirce Hall.  This is a large house built in the Jacobethan Revival style.  It features sandstone construction on the first floor and the projecting gable of the east wing.  The projecting portico is also executed in sandstone.  The second story of the house is constructed to resemble half-timber construction.  The majority of windows are paired, with the first floor encased in stone and the second floor in wood.