Address: West Side of Middle Path
Architectural Style: Collegiate Gothic
Year Built: 1905
Architect/Builder: C. F. Schwinfurth 
Original Owner: Kenyon College

Senator Mark Hanna gave this dormitory to the college.  The story goes that Hanna attended a dinner at Kenyon College, where he heard of the crowded living conditions on the campus.  He pledged a sum of $50,000 to build a "Politicians Barracks."  The noted Cleveland architect C. F. Schweinfurth designed the structure in the Gothic Revival style that gives Kenyon its Old World charm.  Hanna Hall is symmetrical in design constructed in sandstone, with a crenellated roofline with small parapet gables.  A heavy belt course separates the first, second, and third stories.  Each entrance to the buidling has heavy wood doors set in slightly rounded Tudor arches.  Inscribed over the main entrance is "Hanna Hall" in Gothic lettering.  The windows have heavy, rectanguarly stone hoodmolds.  The windows lining the front facade are set in pairs with thick stone mullions between them.  Two tall stone chimneys still extend above the roof.