Address: 402 North Gay Street
Architectural Style: Victorian Cottage
Year Built: c. 1860
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Margaret Armstrong

The house was likely built for Margaret Armstrong.  Miss Armstrong, whose maiden name was Margaret Shoup, was married to Albert Armstrong and the couple came to Mount Vernon from Richland County. They reared at least one daughter, Harriet, who was married December 1, 1886 to Silas Parr of Devonshire, England. Little is known about the couple, but in 1876 an invitation to a social gathering at the YMCA in Mount Vernon was signed by Silas Parr, secretary at the time. Margaret Armstrong died a widow on September 8, 1905. 

A rather plain structure with a steeply pitched gable roof, the building has a Victorian Italianate porch, which was likely a later addition.  An addition to the front of the house was also made.



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