Address: 600 North Gay Street
Architectural Style: Second Empire
Year Built: c. 1870
Architect/Builder: Henry B. Curtis
Original Owner: Charles Seeberger

The home was built at the direction of Henry B. Curtis for his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seeberger.  Curtis was a very wealthy and prominent local attorney and businessman, and as an amateur architect, may have designed this house himself.

Built around 1870, this home boasts many well-preserved Second Empire features such as a mansard roof with colored slate design and dormer windows in the attic, an elaborate bracketed cornice, segmental windows framed by stone lintels, and a hexagonal bay window.  Front and side porches are of a very ornate Gothic design.  Sidelights and transom surround the front door.  There are original servants wing located in the rear of the house.



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