Address: 1-5 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Georgian
Year Built: c. 1840s
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This two story brick building was constructed in Mount Vernon's early history shortly after the city began to develop the area surrounding the Public Square.  Most likely constructed in the mid- to late-1840s, it features simplified Georgian architecture.  The central entrance along North Main Street is defined by by two simple stone pilasters supporting a thick stone lintel.  Stone lintels are also present above each window, with carved detailing at both ends.  The two bays that house the northern retail space were added at a later date, as shown by the two sets of paired chimneys and the slightly imbalanced appearance of the building.  The two chimneys now in the center of the building were originally end chimneys, like those facing the Public Square.



North Main/North Gay District

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