Address: 200 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Year Built: c. 1868
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The First Congregational Church, which cost $32,000, was built in 1868 and replaced an earlier wooden structure located nearby on North Mulberry Street.  The church was founded in 1834 by a group of men who had left the local Presbyterian Church over the question of slavery.  Many of its members became abolitionists in the years prior to the Civil War.  It is very important to the area’s cultural fabric.

An imposing Gothic Revival structure, the front of the church is dominated by its center gable pierced with several tall lancet windows and an oculus window, all containing stained glass designs.  A tall square steeple rises at the southwestern corner of the building.  Originally, an elongated spire was attached to the top of it, but it has been removed.  Buttresses and hoodmolds are other features which give it a Gothic appearance.  The brick walls have been covered with stucco.



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