Address: 212 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Year Built: c. 1906
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Samuel H. Israel

Samuel H. Israel was born December 16, 1846 in Mount Vernon, Ohio to parents Samuel and Elizabeth (Harper) Israel. He was educated in Mount Vernon public schools and upon graduating he partnered with his father and became involved in the extension of the Cleveland, Akron & Columbus railroad through Mount Vernon. This occupied his time until 1873.

The home was built by Samuel H. Israel around the turn of the century.  Israel built the home shortly after he became president of the Knox County Savings Bank in 1906, an institution which he helped found in 1873. The bank was known by many Knox County people as Sam Israel’s bank, for his tremendous efforts in founding and supporting the most-needed institution. His brother, James Israel, served as vice-president for the bank, which was originally located at 6 North Main Street. Samuel H.’s previous home, and that of his parents, is located directly next door.  The home promotes the overall historic and architectural nature of the area.

The home is dominated by a large octagonal projection which towers three stories tall, with eyebrow windows in the attic and a conical roof.  Dormer windows extend outward from the home’s high hip roof.  A large front oak door is surrounded by leaded glass sidelights.  A large paired columned front porch extends around to the side.  A side wing was added in the mid-1970s.



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