Address: 600 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Second Empire
Year Built: c. 1865
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Mark Curtis

The home was built by Mark Curtis, who was once of Mount Vernon’s leading merchants throughout most of the 19th century.  His dry goods store was later expanded by his son-in-law, J. S. Ringwalt, to form a large department store, which was located on the site of the First-Knox National Bank parking lot.  The home is one of the finest in town, and contributes much to the area’s historic and architectural fabric.

This excellent Second Empire home has many characteristics of that style, such as a steeply pitched mansard roof with dormers and exposed chimneys, patterned slate shingles, an ornate cornice with paired brackets, and two bay windows, one hexagonal and one rectangular.  Other features include carved stone lintels, quoins, and a bracketed door canopy.  The interior is also greatly preserved.



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