Address: 606 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Italian Villa
Year Built: c. 1855
Architect/Builder: Henry B. Curtis (?)
Original Owner: Henry B. Curtis

The home was built by Henry B. Curtis around 1855 and later occupied by his granddaughter. This house has long been rumored to have been a station on the Underground Railroad.  Legend has it that escaping slaves were transported from Curtis’s home at Round Hill to the home, and then north through the cemetery grounds.  The home is a most interesting addition, both historically and architecturally, to the area’s cultural fabric.

The Curtis-Pratt House is one of two Italian Villa houses in the district.  Built around 1855, the main part of the home is basically L-shaped, with a three-story campanile located in a corner that serves as an entrance.  Original features include a cornice with paired brackets, 6-over-6 sash windows, stone foundation, a three-story tower, and original chimneys.  A rear wing with side porch is probably original, or was constructed soon after the front section.  Much of the interior is well-preserved.



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