Address: 200 North Gay Street
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: c. 1860
Architect/Builder: Hosmer Curtis
Original Owner: Eleanor Stevens

The home was built by Hosmer Curtis for his married daughter, Eleanor Stevens, around 1860.  Curtis was a very prominent local attorney, and earned the distinction of being called the “Father of the Knox County Bar.” Hosmer was the elder brother of Henry B. Curtis, and the two practiced law together in Mount Vernon for some time. 

This fine Italianate house has many preserved characteristics of that style, including a bracketed cornice, segmental windows, and an ornate bracketed door canopy on the side.  Multi-paned sidelights and transom surrounding the front door indicate the home may have been built as somewhat of a transition from the Greek Revival period.  A large turn-of-the-century columned front porch was added later.



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