Address: 100 East High Street
Architectural Style: Richardsonian-Romanesque
Year Built: 1894
Architect/Builder: W. A. Bounds
Original Owner: Saint Paul's Episcopal Parish

For some time, Columbus Delano prodded the parish of St. Paul's Episcopal Church to construct a parish house, which finally occurred in 1894.  Delano had been Secretary of the Interior under President Grant and was highly influential in the church's affairs.  Charles Baldwin, publisher of a local newspaper, died and left a sum to the building fund, and an interior chapel bears his name as a result.

The building is located on the corner of two very busy streets, allowing it a good deal of visibility.  The parish's church building is located directly across the street.  The building represents two phases of construction.  The Richardsonian-Romanesque lower portion originally had a wooden frame apartment above it, which was removed in the 1940s.  At that time, the brick walls were extended to form a second floor.  A great stone arch, with the caption "St. Paul's Parish House" carved on it, plain stone lintels, and Victorian stained glass windows are among its original features.



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