Address: 200 East High Street
Architectural Style: Victorian Gothic
Year Built: c. 1855
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

The house was most likely built by Matthew Mitchell around 1855.  Mitchell, an early Mount Vernon attorney, was a delegate to the 1850 Ohio Constitutional Convention.  A later resident of the house, the dentist William F. Semple, is noting for having developed improvements chewing gum and several dental instruments.

The house is a dominant force on the street due to its elevated position on a small rise.  It is surrounded by a stone retaining wall topped with an iron fence.  Sidelights and transom surround the front door.  A wing to the rear is Greek Revival in character, with pediment-like eaves with cornice returns.  A Colonial Revival porch and a side wing are later additions to the house.  The house originally had a monitor lookout above the roof, which was removed in the 1930s.



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