Address: 201 East High Street
Architectural Style: Neo-Gothic
Year Built: 1922-1923
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Saint Vincent de Paul's Catholic Church

The building replaced an earlier church constructed in 1849.  The new edifice was begun in 1922 and completed the following year, costing $13,000.  The three large bells in the tower, dating from the 1870s, were salved from the previous structure.  Saint Vincent has long served as an important community center for Mount Vernon.  The statue of the Virgin Mary decorating the southern lawn was recovered from the former Mercy Hospital when that building was transformed into public offices.

The church sits in the middle of a large lot surrounded by a cast iron fence.  The front facade of this Neo-Gothic church has such features as a very high steeple with elongated lancet apertures decorated with stone tracery, a large arched stained-glass window above the front Tudor-arched door, and massive buttresses.  The side walls are pierced by a number of arched windows with stained glass.  Smooth stone accents the rough limestone block walls.



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