Address: 500 East High Street
Architectural Style: Italianate
Year Built: 1872
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: William & Harriet Dunbar

The home was built by Harriet Dunbar and her husband, William, in 1872.  William was a wealthy lawyer, who had earned much of his wealth in the post-Civil War era.  The Dunbars chose East High Street for the location of their new home in part because of its growing popularity among the wealthier citizens of the city.

Attractively set on a spacious, well-landscaped corner lot and changed very little since its completion, the William Dunbar Home remains as one of the finest Italianate homes along East High Street.  The overhanging cornice is supported by alternating pairs of large and small brackets with frieze panels between each.  The windows have beautifully carved wood lintels.  One of the most distinguished features of this house is the entrance, which is defined by double doors topped by a stain-glass transom.  The only major alteration to the building is the aluminum siding, which was likely added sometime in the 1960s.



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