Address: 601 East High Street
Architectural Style: Queen Anne
Year Built: c. 1889
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: G. W. Armstrong

The home was built around 1889 by G. W. Armstrong, a wealthy Mount Vernon grocer, whose business partner, J. C. "Clark" Armstrong, had built his own home across the street nearly two decades earlier.  At the time it was constructed, the irregularity of the Queen Anne style was perceived as a very unusual type of architecture, so it is not surprising that many Mount Vernon residents took great interest in the home's construction.

The house exhibits many familiar features found in Queen Anne homes, such as the multiple steep-pitched gables extending from the hip roof, an oriel window supported by brackets, rounded shingles beneath the eaves, and polygonal wings.  A large porch supported by small Tuscan columns runs along the front and side of the house.  Additional features to this porch is turret and spindles.  Nestled snugly in the gables is a 2nd-story balcony.  It most definitely would have been a home of much curiosity at the time it was built, when many of the homes were limited to box-like variations.



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