Address: 119 East High Street
Architectural Style: Gothic Revival
Year Built: c. 1830
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

This small Gothic Revival House appears out of placed sandwiched between two parking lots, but remains as a reminder of Mount Vernon's early history.  Set far back from the street, is evidence that this house was most likely constructed before this section of the city was fully developed, and may have been one of the earlier homes built within this neighborhood.  Architectural elements that stand out include the steeply pitched cross gable topped with finials and cresting along the ridgeline.  The gables are further defined by delicate bargeboard scrollwork.  An small single-story addition to the western side has a gallery created by the extension of the roof, which is supported by delicate spindle-like columns.  This addition was most likely added in the early-20th century, as were other additions to the rear of the home that are not visible from the street.  The interior of this house retains many of its original woodwork and hardware.



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