Address: 23 East Vine Street
Architectural Style: Eclectic: Federal, Italianate
Year Built: c. 1812
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Gilman Bryant

Built around 1812 by Gilman Bryant, this home is perhaps the oldest standing brick residential property in Mount Vernon.  Bryant arrived in Mount Vernon in 1807, two years after Mount Vernon was officially founded and one year before Knox County was created.  It did not take long before Bryant became one of the wealthiest merchants in the area.

Sitting high atop an embankment on the corner of East Vine and South Gay Street, this home provides an interesting spectacle.  Clearly of early construction, with typical Federal massing, the house was altered several times throughout its existence as new architectural styles became fashionable.  Most prominent is the addition of rear a wing along the Gay Street side.  This wing is nearly identical to the original home, giving the house a flattened "M" shape at the Gay Street view.  Later alterations to both buildings include the addition of cornice paired brackets in the Italianate tradition, as well as a large Italianate bay window and full-length front porch along the main Vine Street facade.  The scroll-work between the delicate columns lining the front porch are more reminiscent of Gothic Revival detailing than Italianate.  The transom over the front door may be original, although the sidelights were most likely a later addition, and is more in line with Greek Revival architecture.



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