Address: 100 East Gambier Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1835
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

Henry B. Curtis was born in New York State on November 28, 1799 and is known as one of the greatest leaders and developers of Mount Vernon and Knox County. Curtis moved to Newark, Ohio in 1809. At the age of 17, he joined his brother, Hosmer Curtis, in Mount Vernon where he began to study law. 

Curtis remained in Mount Vernon for the rest of his life, becoming an influential lawyer, banker, city developer and civic leader. Some of his most notable contributions to the county include settling the Owl Creek Bank Scandal of 1816, founding Mount Vernon’s first chartered bank, First Knox National Bank (which still exists today), aiding Bishop Philander Chase in choosing a site for Kenyon College and bringing the railroad service to Knox County. 

This house is a focal point of the East Gambier Street Historic District. It's front portico boasts a full entablature and entrance supported by fluted and tapered columns with Ionic capitals. Greek key frets cover the windows of the frieze. A two-story porch addition took place between 1900-1915 with Tuscan columns; the upper section was enclosed in the 1960s.