Address: 301 East Gambier Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1846
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Senator Jesse B. Thomas

Senator Jesse B. Thomas was born in Maryland in 1777. He practiced law, was a delegate to the U.S. Congress and was appointed as U.S. Territorial Judge by the President of the United States. Thomas later served on the U.S. Senate for the state of Illinois from 1818 to 1829 and introduced the “Missouri Compromise,” a famous proposal to limit slavery above the southern border of Missouri.

Senator Thomas and his wife moved to Ohio in 1829. His wife, Rebecca, was the widow of Colonel Hamtramk of the Revolutionary War and upon his death inherited several thousand acres of land adjacent to Mount Vernon. Senator Thomas lived in Mount Vernon with his wife until he committed suicide in May of 1853. 

A mirror image of this home can be found at 207 East Gambier Street, the Sturgess House, which was built on land originally owned by Senator Thomas and his wife. Corinthian columns flank either side of the Greek Revival  entryway, supporting a portico and elegant entablature. Sidelights also decorate the front doorway.