Address: 305 East Gambier Street
Architectural Style: Federal; Italianate; Classical
Year Built: c. 1855; c. 1920 addition
Architect/Builder: Charles Grey Cooper
Original Owner: Charles Grey Cooper

The Cooper Family established the oldest foundry and engine business in the state of Ohio. Charles Grey Cooper founded C & G Cooper Company (later merging with Bessemer Gas Engine Company of Grove City, PA to form the Cooper-Bessemer Corporation) which produced the finest quality steam engine of its day. Charles was born in Mount Vernon in December 11, 1846 and died in August of 1922. Cooper’s original foundry, under the name Kokosing Iron Works, operated on the current site of the Buckeye Candy & Tobacco Company. His career was one of the longest and most successful within the city of Mount Vernon. Cooper was also a member of the Congregational Church, a member of the Mt. Zion Lodge, and served in the Civil War. 

The construction of this home is a reflection of the family’s success in the steam engine industry. Cooper built the center section of the home in 1855 in the Federal style. Each wing was added to the original structure at different times and features distinct architectural styles according to the time period they were constructed. The west wing is in the Second Empire style while the east wing features Queen Anne elements.