Address: 106 East Gambier Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1830s
Architect/Builder: Dr. Ebenezer G. Woodward
Original Owner: Dr. Ebenezer G. Woodward

The original owner of this home was Dr. Ebenezer G. Woodward, who lived in the building from the late 1830s until 1879. Little is known about Dr. Woodward, beyond the time he spent at medical school in Newark, Ohio and his later purchase the Woodward Block where he erected what is one of Knox County’s most iconic structures, the Woodward Opera House.

The I. M. Wolverton Family occupied the residence from 1904 until 1930. Irving M. Wolverton joined the Mount Vernon Bridge Company in 1899 as chief engineer and served as president from 1919 until his death in 1930.

This building is now home to the Alcohol and Drug Freedom Center of Knox County. It is a striking example of a well-preserved Greek revival house. The center section of the structure imitates a Greek temple with two-story Ionic columns and symmetrical one-story wings.