Address: 204 East Gambier Street
Architectural Style: Federal; Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1840
Architect/Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Senator Jesse B. Thomas

The property’s original owners were Rebecca and Jesse B. Thomas.Thomas served as a Senator for the state of Illinois from 1818-1829. He moved in Mount Vernon and settled along East Gambier Street. In 1836, Senator Thomas sold the land to Thomas Durbin for $150. Durbin married Eliza Mclelland in 1839 and the couple resided in the home for the entirety of their marriage. Their son, Thomas Durbin Jr., eventually sold the home to Joseph and Margaret Trimble in 1904. The Trimbles lived in this home until their deaths, Mr. Trimble in 1910 and Mrs. Trimble in October 1918, at the age of 81. 

A truly vernacular home, the structure was likely designed in the Federal style but includes Greek elements including the frieze window beneath the cornice.